Senior Clothing Tips

Our goal at Ken Eber Photography is to offer the finest quality senior portraits at the most rea-sonable pricing possible. We make the portrait session enjoyable and painless, especially for those who do not enjoy being photographed. We encourage seniors to have their traditional portrait taken at my residential studio, and then we can move to an alternate setting to capture real life candid portraits of the senior. I will accommodate any reasonable request the senior may have for his/her photographs; after all, we want the senior to be thrilled and proud of his/her photographs. Following the portrait session, we schedule one session for the parents and senior to review proofs and select the photographs for printing and for the yearbook.

In order to make your photo session a success, here are some helpful hints:


For your yearbook shot, you will want to select something classic. We suggest sweaters, suits, or dresses that are solid, dark or somewhat dark colors. Once we finish the year-book portrait, you can prepare to make your own personal statement with trendy, flashy outfits. Here are a few pointers when choosing gear:

Be comfortable with the fit! Oversized or undersized clothing is not flattering.

Be careful with color! Select color tones that flatter your skin tone.

Be choosy with the neckline! If you have a long neck, a turtleneck or highcollared shirt is terrific. If you have a short neck, a v-neck or crew neck is great!

Be selective! Typically horizontal stripes and sleeveless clothing are not recommended. They are not always flattering. If you are unsure of your choices, bring many items, and we will help you with the selection.

Be prepared! Remember all of the pieces of your outfit, like socks, shoes, stockings, belts and jewelry.


For your yearbook shot, you will want to select something classic. Most guys wear shirts, ties, and jackets; however, some wear sweaters or long-sleeved shirts. Medium or dark colors seem to work best, but if a white shirt is your style, we recommend a jacket too. Once we finish the yearbook portrait, you can prepare to make yourself comfortable in your casual clothing. Here are a few pointers:

Bold colors, sweaters, letter jackets, and long sleeves are great choices. Long pants are better than shorts.

A fresh shave and a week-old haircut are recommended.

Be prepared with all of your gear, like shoes, socks, belts, ties, and jewelry.


Your hands will show, so be sure they are neat and clean.

Avoid a new hairstyle or cut. You may not be comfortable with a new look.

Avoid sunburn. Photo touch-ups cannot remove the redness of a burn.

Iron clothing; wrinkles will show in the photo.

Finished photographs will be retouched, so do not worry if you have a blemish.

Props are a great way to express your individuality. You might want to be photographed with a sports uniform or equipment, a pet, a vehicle, a musical instrument, or fresh flowers. Be creative and original!

Decide ahead of time how many poses you want with a smile and how many serious or thought-provoking shots you would like. Take a few minutes in front of a mirror and practice your facial expressions before your appointment. It is recommended that you bring someone with you that can help your determine your natural smile from a forced smile.

Be aware of your deadline for submitting your yearbook image. Please do not wait for the last minute to schedule your appointment.


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